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AmeriStar Affiliates

What is an AmeriStar Affiliate?

Are you interested in supplemented your income while working in a part time capacity? Do you already have job or maybe you are even retired but your looking for something to do, and something that will pay you while doing it? Maybe you'e tried some of the Multi Level Marketing schemes and you are tired of that. Then becoming an AmeriStar affiliate might be right for you.

An AmeriStar Affiliate functions as a representative for AmeriStar in the real world. As an affiliate, you would be tasked with bringing awareness of the investment opportunities that AmeriStar offers, including our High Yield Certificate of Deposit Program.

As an affiliate, you would be provided your own special AmeriStar link. When investors purchased AmeriStar products and invested, you would earn a five (5%) percent commission.

The average AmeriStar affiliate has refers $1,020,000.00 in products, earning a commission of over $50,000.00 per year. The cap on the commission is solely on your referral rate.


What do you have to do? 

Each affiliate is different. Generally, the affilates that do best are friendly with strong social groups

Talk about Us

They key to being a successful AmeriStar affiliate is having a strong social network, and then making your social network aware of AmeriStar's investments oppurtuities. 

No Sales

You are not expected to sell products, you simply make introductions of investors to AmeriStar. AmeriStar's financial advisory team handles all investor consultation and insures that the entire process is seamless.

Hold Events

Top AmeriStar affiliates have events to help educate potential investors. Affilates have used country clubs, church groups, sport events and business clubs to spread the word. 

Real World Examples


John is a retired salesman who lives in a wonderful retirement community in Florida. He became an AmeriStar affiliate and started hosting parties at the retirement community's communal space to tell other retirees about AmeriStar's products. John made over $600,000 in commissions as a AmeriStar Affiliate.


Martha is a married mother of two. She is extremely active in her church and local groups. As an AmeriStar affiliate she introduces other members of her church and social group to some of the products AmeriStar offers. Martha has made enough in commissions to pay for her two sons college educations.

Couple Dancing


Jason is a securities broker in Washington D.C, and almost a scratch golfer. Jason is also a mainstay at his local country club. As a AmeriStar affiliate, Jason actively introduces other members of his country club to AmeriStar. As a securities broker Jason receives a commission of 2.5% from his main job vs his 5% commission, with AmeriStar. Jason has made more money with AmeriStar than he has in his main job.

Affiliate  Application

Please complete the form to apply for an Affiliate Position. We will get back to you promptly. 

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