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User Agreement: By utilizing the services available at the, (hereafter referred to as “the Website,”) the investors acknowledge and agree to abide by the terms and conditions outlined herein. These terms and conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between the investor (hereinafter referred to as “the Investor”) and AmeriStar LLC.


1. Account Verification: AmeriStar LLC reserves the right to request additional documentation or information to verify the identity of the Investor. Failure to provide requested information may result in the suspension or closure of the Investor’s account.


2. System Availability: While AmeriStar LLC endeavors to maintain continuous system availability, the Investor acknowledges that the Website may be subject to occasional downtime for maintenance or unforeseen technical issues. AmeriStar LLC is not liable for any losses or damages incurred due to system unavailability.


3. Communication and Notifications: The Investor agrees to receive electronic communications, including but not limited to account statements, notices, and updates, via the email address provided during registration. It is the Investor’s responsibility to keep their contact information up to date.


4. eCheck Funding Process: The Website allows Investors to input their bank and routing numbers and specify the funding amount, upon which an eCheck will be issued to deposit the funds into their AmeriStar account.


5. Penalty Clause: In the event that an Investor decides to cancel the payment after initiating the eCheck process, the Investor will be subject to a penalty of one percent (1%) of the elected funding amount. This penalty shall be paid via eCheck. Failure to make this payment may result in the immediate closure of the Investor’s account without warning.


6. Fraud Penalty: If an Investor fraudulently notifies their bank to stop payment on the eCheck, the Investor will be liable for a penalty equal to ten percent (10%) of the funding amount. This penalty must be paid to AmeriStar LLC within 30 days. Failure to pay within the specified timeframe will result in the assignment of an 18% monthly interest rate on the outstanding penalty amount.


7. Investor Confirmation: The Investor confirms that they have willingly requested, consented to, and issued an eCheck to AmeriStar LLC for the specified funding amount. The Investor acknowledges that issuing an eCheck with insufficient funds, canceling payment on an eCheck, or fraudulently denying the issuance of an eCheck constitutes a felony. AmeriStar LLC reserves the right to prosecute such actions to the fullest extent of the law.


8. Damages to AmeriStar: The Investor understands that issuing a check with insufficient funds, canceling payment, or misrepresenting the issuance of the eCheck to their own bank causes significant damage to AmeriStar through its receiving banks. The Investor accepts responsibility for any damages incurred by AmeriStar and agrees to indemnify AmeriStar LLC for any losses resulting from such actions.


9. Account Security: The Investor is responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of their account credentials, including but not limited to username and password. Any unauthorized use or access to the Investor’s account must be reported to AmeriStar LLC immediately.


10. Compliance with Applicable Laws: The Investor agrees to comply with all applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations governing financial transactions and online activities. AmeriStar LLC reserves the right to refuse service or terminate accounts found in violation of these laws.


11. Termination of Services: AmeriStar LLC reserves the right to terminate or suspend the provision of services to an Investor at its discretion. Reasons for termination may include, but are not limited to, violation of these terms and conditions, suspicious activity, or changes in regulatory requirements.


12. Limitation of Liability: AmeriStar LLC shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages arising from the use or inability to use the services provided on the Website. The Investor understands and accepts the inherent risks associated with online financial transactions.


13. Amendments to Terms and Conditions: AmeriStar LLC reserves the right to update or modify these terms and conditions at any time. Changes will be effective immediately upon posting on the Website. The Investor is responsible for regularly reviewing the terms and conditions for updates.


14. SEC Compliance: The Investor acknowledges and understands that the investment opportunity offered through is conducted in compliance with Regulation D, Rule 506(b) of the Securities Act. AmeriStar LLC adheres to the registration requirements set forth by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for private offerings.


15.Lack of Financial Accounting for Startups: Due to the startup nature of the investment offering, the Investor acknowledges that there may not be comprehensive financial accounting available for review. The absence of detailed financial statements is a characteristic of early-stage ventures, and Investors are encouraged to base their decisions on the information provided in the prospectus and legal opinion letter.

16. Closure of the Account. AmeriStar LLC reserves the right to close an investor account for any reason at the discretion of AmeriStar LLC. In the even that AmeriStar chooses to close an investment account, all vested funds in said account will be returned to the investor via physical check, mailed the address the investor has on record. AmeriStar will not wire transfer or ACH transfer when accounts are closed.

17. Grace Period: AmeriStar is not a bank, but a FinTech company. As an investor, you agree to use AmeriStar's services to invest capital, not conduct banking transactions. All AmeriStar accounts will be subject to a 30 Day Grace period upon depositing funds. The Grace Period is defined as 30 Days after an investor has made an deposit. During this period, the investor is not allowed to withdraw those funds via bank or wire transfer. At AmeriStar's sole discretion. They can close the investors account and remit payment via physical check. As an investor you understand that this Grace Period is to limit money laundering, identity theft and fraud. 

18. Suspicious Activity Report(s): As a FINCEN MSB, AmeriStar must file Suspicious Activity Reports when request or transactions trigger internal compliance checks. Request are not covered in our Terms of Service, will cause AmeriStar to issue a Suspicious Activity Report. Examples may include; 

- Opening an AmeriStar account, funding the AmeriStar account and immediately requesting the funds to be withdrawn. 

- Providing false identification documents. 
- Providing a false address. 
- Issuing a check that is returned. 
- Threats against AmeriStar LLC staff. 

- General reasons to believe you are involved in some fraud or criminal situation. 


Electronic Fund Authorization- 

If you select YES to authorize electronic payment during your account registration application, you confirm that: I am an owner or authorized signer on this bank account and authorize this and ongoing debits. I understand this authorization will remain in effect unless cancelled by myself or company. To cancel service/debit authority please contact or call (833)-246-4335. I authorize AmeriStar MK, LLC to debit the bank account indicated in this web form for the noted amount. If the above noted payment date falls on a weekend or holiday, I understand that the payment may be executed on the next business day. I understand that because this is an electronic transaction, these funds may be withdrawn from my account as soon as the above noted transaction date. In the case of a transaction being rejected for Non Sufficient Funds (NSF) I understand that the business may at its discretion attempt to process the charge again within 30 days, and agree to an additional $25 charge for each attempt returned NSF which will be initiated as a separate transaction from the authorized payment. I acknowledge that the origination of transactions to my account must comply with the provisions of U.S. law. I will not dispute AmeriStar MK, LLC’s billing with my bank so long as the transaction corresponds to the terms indicated in this agreement.

U.S. Consumer Privacy Notice

AmeriStar LLC U.S. Consumer Privacy Notice

Last updated: Oct/16/2023

Financial companies choose how they share your personal information. Federal law gives consumers the right to limit some but not all sharing. Federal law also requires us to tell you how we collect, share, and protect your personal information. Please read this notice carefully to understand what we do.

What? The types of personal information we collect and share depend on the product or service you have with us. This information can include:

  • Social Security number and checking account information

  • Account balances and payment history

  • Transaction history and wire transfer instructions

How? All financial companies need to share customers' personal information to run their everyday business. In the section below, we list the reasons financial companies can share their customers' personal information; the reasons AmeriStar LLC chooses to share, and whether you can limit this sharing.

REASONS WE CAN SHARE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION Does AmeriStar LLC share? Can you limit this sharing? For our everyday business purposes— such as to process your transactions, maintain your account(s), respond to court orders and legal investigations, or report to credit bureaus Yes No For our marketing purposes— to offer our products and services to you Yes No For joint marketing with other financial companies Yes No For our affiliates' everyday business purposes—information about your transactions and experiences Yes No For our affiliates' everyday business purposes—information about your creditworthiness No We don't share For nonaffiliates to market to you.

How does AmeriStar LLC protect my personal information? To protect your personal information from unauthorized access and use, we use security measures that comply with federal law. These measures include computer safeguards and secured files and buildings. We authorize our employees to access your personal information only when they need it to do their work, and we require companies that work for us to protect your information.

How does AmeriStar LLC collect my personal information? We collect your personal information, for example, when you

  • Open an account or give us your contact information

  • Tell us who receives the money or tell us where to send the money

  • Make a wire transfer We also collect your personal information from others, such as credit bureaus, affiliates, or other companies.

Why can't I limit all sharing? Federal law gives you the right to limit only

  • Sharing for affiliates' everyday business purposes—information about your creditworthiness

  • Affiliates from using information to market to you

  • Sharing for nonaffiliates to market to you

State laws and individual companies may give you additional rights to limit sharing. See below for more on your rights under state law.

DEFINITIONS Affiliates Companies related by common ownership or control. They can be financial and nonfinancial companies.

Our affiliates include companies with an AmeriStar name; financial companies such as AmeriStar Payments Limited and AmeriStar Payments Canada Inc. Nonaffiliates Companies not related by common ownership or control. They can be financial and nonfinancial companies.

AmeriStar LLC does not share with nonaffiliates so they can market to you. Joint marketing A formal agreement between nonaffiliated financial companies that together market financial products or services to you.

Our joint marketing partners can include banks.

Other Important Information For California residents: We will not share information we collect about you with nonaffiliated third parties, except as permitted by law, including, for example, with your consent or to service your account. We will limit sharing with our affiliates to the extent required by California law.

For Vermont residents: We will not share information we collect about you with nonaffiliated third parties, except as permitted by law, including, for example, with your consent or to service your account. We will not share information about your creditworthiness with our affiliates, other than as permitted by Vermont law unless you authorize us to make those disclosures.

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