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A lot of first time AmeriStar investors have a difficult time understanding the High Yield Certificate of Deposit Program. 

But don't worry, it's actually much simpler than it seems. 
Let's say you have $100,000 to invest in the High Yield Certificate of Deposit Program. 
Here's How it Looks
Certificate of Deposit
Your money is now in a CD at TD Bank of 13-Months, which is FDIC insured. 
You select a CD from one of the banks that we work with. 

Lets say its a 13-Month TD Bank CD at 4.2% APR
"But thats only 4.2% Interest, where does the rest come from?"
Right! Now we add the Regulation D 506(b) side. 
John builds condo developments. To build, John needs a loan from a bank. 
John goes to TD Bank to ask for a loan. 
TD Bank tells John they like his project, but they don't want to make the loan. 

They tell John, bring us something. 
John goes to AmeriStar.
AmeriStar tells John, that we will make a Courtesy Deposit in the form of Certificate of Deposits into TD Bank on Johns behalf. 

First, AmeriStar talks with TD Bank. So they understand; 

  • The CD's cannot be used as collateral. 

  • The CD's will not be in Johns name. 

  • John has no control over the CDS's.

  • The CD's cannot be at risk. 

AmeriStar arranges the Courtesy Deposit to TD Bank. 
TD Bank is thrilled. They have a new deposit. They grant the loan request to John. 
John is more thrilled, he got his loan. He pays AmeriStar a 6% fee for the Courtesy Deposit. 

4.2 + 6.0 = 10.2%

That's it! It's really that simple, we just leverage the power of a Certificate of Deposit to amplify your return through a Regulation D Offering. 
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