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AmeriStar is an owned subsidiary of the TPA Gold Corporation, which is one of the largest private institutional precious metals dealer's in the world. 

In a post covid world, AmeriStar believes in fair investment opportunities. Most of all, in investment opportunities that make sense. If we can't explain the investment opportunity with a simple infographic graphics, we won't bring it forward. We are on a mission to bring High Yield Investments to investors with secure and stable solutions. 

The AmeriStar Story 

What is 

AmeriStar is not a bank. AmeriStar is a Financial Technology company, or FinTech for short. FinTechs in the United States are on a mission to disrupt traditional banking, providing solutions through technology that traditional banks cannot. 

As a FinTech AmeriStar is registered through FINCEN as a Money Service Business and through the SEC for all Regulation D 506 investments offered. 

What is a FinTech? Chances are that you already know, but you might now know they are FinTech companies. 

Fintech vs. Bank 
Unleash the Future of Finance

Innovation at Your Fingertips

Fintech embraces the latest tech trends, offering you groundbreaking solutions like mobile apps, robo-advisors, and blockchain-powered services. It's not just banking; it's a financial revolution.

No More Red Tape

Escape the maze of paperwork and bureaucracy. Fintech streamlines your financial transactions, making it quicker and easier to manage your money, investments, and payments.

Personalization Matters

Your financial needs are unique, and fintech understands that. Enjoy tailored solutions that adapt to your lifestyle, whether you're a savvy investor, a budget-conscious saver, or an aspiring entrepreneur.

Transparent and Cost-Efficient

Say goodbye to hidden fees. Fintech is committed to transparency, offering competitive pricing and eliminating unnecessary charges that often burden traditional banks.


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